Taking stock…well, pictures of stock

It’s that time of year – the time when I act extra nice towards my husband because I need his help in making a postcard for the upcoming Open Studio Weekend put on by the Vermont Crafts Council.

He is such a fabulous photographer. He took all of the images of my work on my website.

So we set up a photography studio in an extra bedroom, taking advantage of the afternoon light.

Photographing handmade books

He took some really great pictures today. Then he went into the office and not only designed my postcard, but he created both a banner for this blog and one for my not-yet-ready Etsy shop.

He just went above and beyond. Thanks sweetie!

We are very high-tech when it comes to our setup. We have a graduated background (Varitone #9) that we attach to the wall using blue painter’s tape. I love that stuff. We propped up the books using a jar of rocks that I collected on a beach.

Varitone background setup

After a day of shooting, I now have images of my newest work. I hope to add the images to my website in the next few days. There are some new styles of both photo albums and journals.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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