Completed accordion books…music to my eyes

I decided that I would get two dozen accordion books done in time for Open Studio Weekend. You can see the start of my work in this post. I already had quite a few in stock, but sometimes I get an urge to set a deadline just so I can experience the feeling of having met it. Now I have a whole bunch of accordion books.

Pile of handmade accordion books by Blue Roof Designs

I love this picture of them all stacked up, ready for the bows to be tied. Obviously, this satisfies my love of piles (haven’t I mentioned that before?). Sometimes, I like to see how high I can stack them before they fall over, kind of like Book Arts Jenga. Except that I really don’t want to knock them over.

Below you can see some of the finished books. I acquired my bow mastery while working at Paper Source in Cambridge, MA. One of the best things about the job was that people would buy gorgeous papers and ribbons and then have you wrap their gifts for them. I could wrap presents all day long.

Piles of handmade accordion books by Blue Roof Designs

If I ever get kidnapped and they won’t let me go unless I tie a perfect bow, I’ll be home by dinnertime. And I’ll definitely be eating farfalle.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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