Gocco is mine!

It’s official. I am a panic shopper.

Yesterday the Riso Kagaku Corporation announced that it would stop making Gocco printers in June 2008. Many of you are saying to yourselves, “Whazza Gocco? Never heard of it.” Check out this link to the Save Gocco website – you can see one in all its plastic glory.

Yes, it looks like it’s made by Fisher Price, but it’s no toy. Gocco is a self-contained screen printing unit. You can use it to both burn master screens and to make your prints.

I have wanted one of these for soooo long. Then I read the Riso announcement. Then I ran over to Etsy and bought myself a new toy from a supplier in Japan.

I would like to add that today was only the second time in my life that I have submitted information to Wikipedia. Check out my addition to the Gocco entry.

Maybe this isn’t as much of a crisis as I fear. Riso threatened to do this once before in 2005. People were sad. A “Save Gocco” campaign was started. Then in 2007, the happiness spread – Paper Source became an official distributor of Gocco printers and supplies in the United States. All hail Paper Source! People danced in the streets.

So perhaps all of this hoopla is an attempt to get people to buy more printers. It worked on me. Don’t care – I’m a sucker happy owner of a Gocco machine.

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By Christine - 1 June 2008 Reply

Hello Elissa,
Wikipedia… That would be great if you could have a link there to your own site or blog… Wikipedia has a page rank of 8 (yes!), so that would help your own page ranking for search engines… I take the liberty to comment on that, because – as I said yesterday – you seem very much into the “Internet stuff”. It’s funny, because yesterday for the first time, I edited a page on Wikipedia… I included a reference on the Brookfield page – going to my article on the Floating Brdge…
Have fun with your Gocco!

By My - 2 June 2008 Reply

I have to score one of these. I was just writing about Gocco today.

By elissa - 2 June 2008 Reply

I realized today just how excited I am about having bought one. I was telling a friend about it and I’m telling you, I was dancing while talking…kinda like I really had to use the bathroom. Now that’s anticipation!

By elissa - 2 June 2008 Reply

Hi Christine,

I didn’t think that you could put personal website links on Wikipedia, but I just found out that I was wrong.

If you create an account to make your additions/edits, you can create a user page. When people click on your username in an entry’s history, they are brought to your user page. I added my website and blog addresses to my user page.

I don’t think that the user pages are intended for use as a promotional tool, but more of a way for folks to learn about you and to get a better understanding of how you know what you know.


By Christine - 3 June 2008 Reply

Wow… that’s interesting. I’ll have to do this!!

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