I got my Gocco! Begin Happy Dance…

My Gocco arrived from Japan yesterday and I’m so thrilled! I’m also nervous – I wanted one of these for so long and now I have one. And I have to use it. You’d think that this is a good thing. Unfortunately, I’ve never been very patient with learning new things. I expect to do everything perfectly the first time around. Meh.

Welcome to my brain.

Gocco machine box

So, in a valiant effort to avoid confronting my fear, I decided to do a photo shoot of all the goodies that come in a PG-5 set. Notice the lovely box. Free, built-in handle included.

The printer is strangely similar in appearance to a Play-Doh Fun Factory. Except where does the spaghetti come out?

Gocco machine

The set comes with everything you need to get started. Unless you’re a Nervous Nellie.

The kit includes a pack of 4 light bulbs. For the PG-5, you need to use 2 bulbs per screen. As you can see, the strange yellow bulbs are about the size of a Jerry French action figure.

Gocco machine light bulbs and Jerry French action figure

You also get a small tube of goo for cleaning the screens.

Gocco screen cleaner
I learned that it was for cleaning after asking someone, “What’s this?” and they replied, “Well, there’s a picture of a hand wiping something, so it must be for cleaning.”

(Ask a stupid question…)

But wait, there’s more. You also get three tubes of ink (gold, red, and black). I’m not clear on why they don’t send you red, blue, and yellow so you can mix them to make other colors.

When I own the company, that’s the first thing I’ll change.

For now, it’s Black + Red = Brown. Gold + Red = Brown. Gold + Black = Brown.

Gocco machine inks and Jerry French action figure
And you get a carbon ink pen dealie. You can use it to create designs from which you can burn your screens. It seems like it should look cooler than a regular pen.

Maybe with lightning bolts on it?

Then there are all of the other things I jammed into one picture.

Gocco machine supplies

Various instruction and warranty manuals – some in English and some in Japanese. I have a 50% chance of doing it right! Then in the bottom left-hand corner of the image you can see the screens. There’s a cool card rack (the long black slotted thing) that you can use to line up your prints for drying. And there’s a blue transparent filter that prevents carbon from fusing to your master screens (I just looked that up).

Last, but not least, is the instructional video. In Japanese. This is going to be good. I don’t understand how a product made in Japan would be accompanied by an instructional video tape and not a DVD.

I thought they had better technology than us?

3 Responses to “I got my Gocco! Begin Happy Dance…”

By karensapp - 23 August 2008 Reply

where did you get your gocco? been trying to find one.

By elissa - 23 August 2008 Reply

Karen –

I got mine on Etsy from printaddictjapan. When I bought mine, I paid $99.50 for the Gocco and then $47 for shipping. Prices seem to have gone up a LOT since 5/31, when I bought it. I’m rather shocked actually. printaddictjapan is now selling the same unit on Etsy for $265.

I did a quick Ebay search and it seems that many of the Gocco sellers that I had researched no longer sell them. In fact, when I did a Google search, I found that most Gocco retailers are sold out of the units.

All of this is likely due to the announcement that the Riso Kagaku Corporation would stop shipping Gocco printers in June 2008 – I imagine there’s been a buying frenzy since then.

Good luck in your search. Sometimes used units turn up on Craigslist, so don’t give up!


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