The Kutrimmer is a beautiful thing

I have finally returned to production mode after my long vacation. I have a wholesale order that I need to fill early this week.

After having spent the last 2 days cutting bookboard by hand, I now have funny (not funny ha ha) numby feelings in my right forearm. When I look back, I realized that I’m a crazy person for the amount of board cutting I’ve done on the floor of my studio. Yes, on the floor (it’s concrete). It’s the only way I can get the leverage I need to cut large pieces of board.

I don’t like to send out my board for cutting because it’s important to me that I do all of the production of my books by myself. Of course, the continued use of my limbs is also important.

I have been drooling over the Kutrimmer 1071 forever.

Kutrimmer 1071

The Kutrimmer, produced by the MBM Corporation, is a paper trimmer that seems to be pretty well regarded amongst bookbinders. Manufactured in Germany, the trimmer cuts bookboard up to a thickness of .098″ and a stack of around 40 sheets of paper. And it has a clampy thing that helps keep things from slipping.

The 1071 model has a cutting length of 28.5″, which is perfect for me because my bookboard is 26″ wide. The one thing stopping me from buying it yesterday is cost. I know that over time, it would probably pay for itself in time saved during production. Unfortunately, average cost for this model is between $850 – $900.

That’s a lot to lay out at once.

Until the day when the Kutrimmer and I become close friends, I will continue dreaming that I open my front door one day to find a board shear wrapped in a big red bow. And then I’ll use it to cut the bow off.


4 Responses to “The Kutrimmer is a beautiful thing”

By tulibri - 21 July 2008 Reply

Hi Elissa, I don’t own a Kutrimmer but got myself a stack cutter from the same manufacturer last November and it was really worth the expense! Maybe you look out on ebay, sometimes there are some used ones on sale …

By elissa - 23 July 2008 Reply

Ohhh…that stack cutter is so drool-worthy. However, looking at that blade gives me the wiggins. I could so cut body parts off with that.

By jp46 - 27 July 2008 Reply

A Kuttrimmer is cheaper than carpal tunnel surgery…. Numbness is a bad sign, seriously. I know binders who have had to quit the field.
jeff peachey

By elissa - 27 July 2008 Reply

Jeff –

You’re totally right. I know that I can’t continue the way I’ve been working. I just got a potential lead on a local wholesaler. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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