Supplier Rave – Paper Mojo

Paper Mojo Let’s get the obvious out of the way – how could one not like a business that uses the word mojo in their name?

There’s a lot to like about Paper Mojo:

  1. They have a great selection of some of the most fun papers I’ve encountered. And I’ve encountered a lot of paper in my time.
  2. Their prices are reasonable.
  3. They have sales (appeals to the bargain-hunter in me).
  4. They get new designs in on a regular basis.
  5. They have great customer service.
  6. If you click on “see larger” next to a paper on their website, you’ll get a pop-up window that shows the scale of the prints with a ruler. So very handy.
  7. I get to say mojo. Mojo mojo mojo.

I’ve been buying from them for about 2 years and have always been happy with my purchases. And now, getting back to #3 on the list above, Paper Mojo is currently running a sale – 25% off holiday prints. Included in the sale are some very cute prints from Whimsy Press, Snow & Graham, and Elum, which are all acid-free. I’ve used papers from Whimsy Press and Snow & Graham before and they glue well.

While you’re on their website, check out their clearance section. I recommend the Reminiscence Papers by Debra Glanz – fun patterns and easy to work with.

Happy shopping!


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