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Follow Me on Twitter iconI was recently asked by Kara Russo what book artists I follow on Twitter. I decided that if I was going to compile a list for her, then I might as well publish it here.

Note: I’m interested in book artists of all skill levels and the people I follow on Twitter represent that variety.

The first link will take you to the person’s Twitter feed and the second link will take you to his or her website, blog, or Etsy shop.

I’m sure I’ve missed some – I’m following over 700 people and could only comb through those names for so long (brain ache). If you find any I missed, let me know and I can add them to the list. I’m always looking for new book-happy people to follow.

You can also follow me on Twitter (it isn’t stalking, I’m telling you it’s okay): Blue Roof Designs

13 Responses to “Book Artists on Twitter”

By Jason Thompson - 28 May 2009 Reply

This is a GREAT list! Thanks for sharing. I’m off to start clicking & following!

By Kiley - 28 May 2009 Reply

Awesome list! I was just wondering this morning who I was missing now I’ve got to get to work on cleaning up my filters.

By Art Kitten - 28 May 2009 Reply

This is great! Thank you for such a comprehensive list!

By justine - 28 May 2009 Reply

oooh can you please add us to your compendium? we’re a new little press, just finished our first chapbook, working on 2 more right now:

By elissa - 10 June 2009 Reply

I’m glad that the list has been helpful to everyone. 🙂 I’ll likely do a follow up at some point when I’ve accumulated some more folks.

Chance Press – you’ve been added!

By less - 15 July 2009 Reply

Great list! I just want to warn everyone upfront that my twitter feed is not always book related and occasionally a direct line into my head…. so be prepared.

By elissa - 15 July 2009 Reply

Les –

I always appreciate the unfiltered.


There you go.


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By gerri newfry - 20 August 2009 Reply

i hadn’t even noticed that you posted this until the second post went up. thanks for including me!

By elissa - 20 August 2009 Reply

Gerri –

Of course I included you – you rock!


By Susan Green - 26 August 2009 Reply

Ahhh – what a fantastic list and thank you for including me. I’m going to be spending some time adding many of these wonderful artists to my Twitter collection!

By elissa - 27 August 2009 Reply

Susan –

I was happy to include you!

FYI – I want to hug your Bright Green & Orange Mini Leather Journal.


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