Dremel resources for artists

Dremel resources for artistsIf you haven’t already guessed it, I love my Dremel. It’s my baby.

If I ever find that my hubby has used it to clean grout in the bathroom, I will have to kill him.

That said, welcome to the last post in my series of posts related to the use of a Dremel in the book arts. While the first two posts were based on information collected from Jill Timm’s class, The Amazing Dremel at the 2009 Focus on Book Arts conference, this post focuses on resources I discovered while going down the rabbit hole of insane and obsessive Googling.

Long story short, lots of sleep lost and not enough to show for it. Let’s move on.

Here’s a rundown of all of my Dremel-related posts to date:

And speaking of the woman who started it all, Jill Timm, here’s her wonderful book Winter White, which was created using a Dremel on the covers.

Super Coolness from the Dremel Company:

Books that reference using a Dremel in bookbinding:

Material-specific resources:

Resources that are cool, but I can’t come up with an interesting category name:

If you find other nifty resources out there, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

16 Responses to “Dremel resources for artists”

By less - 8 August 2009 Reply

Hey Thanks for the link love! I love my dremel too!

By elissa - 12 August 2009 Reply

Leslie –

My pleasure with the link. Me like your post. 🙂


By Carol - 8 August 2009 Reply

Thanks for doing all the research for us, really appreciated. Another great Dremel post. Will have to become a Facebook fan.

By elissa - 12 August 2009 Reply

Carol –

I think I’m done with Dremel research for a while. I hope that the information I provided will save at least one person’s brain from melting.


By dinahmow - 9 August 2009 Reply

Ye Gods! Who knew one could dig up so much info! I’m thinking my ancient workhorse might have to be traded up…Thanks for the links.

By elissa - 12 August 2009 Reply

Diane –

There were people in my workshop who had older Dremels, so don’t give up on yours yet. It just might need a little TLC to get into gear.


By KRCox - 23 December 2013 Reply

Great job on your research. I’ve spent alot of time looking at dremel tool related sites but never took the time to organize my findings. Thanks for all the links!

By Elissa - 23 December 2013 Reply

Thanks! If you have anything that I’m missing, let me know and I can add it.


By Connie B Howard - 14 February 2016 Reply

Enjoyed every tip on these blogs.. can I get a copy of the Dremel
Guide??? Your help ,please

Connie B Howard

By Elissa - 14 February 2016 Reply

Connie –

I’m not sure what guide you’re asking for – can you be more specific?


By Steve - 17 February 2016 Reply

Awesome, think previous post might be speaking of poster guide as I am unable to view it. Anyway thanks for the info lots of effort and it’s appreciated.

By Elissa - 18 February 2016 Reply

Steve –

Gotcha. The Dremel accessories poster is accessible at this link.


By Sandy November - 14 November 2017 Reply

I’m just getting started. I need it for grinding rocks. Plus jewelry makings. I would like to use silverwire. I’m trying to purchase the right wire for necklace, earrings, and bracelets.

By Elissa - 16 November 2017 Reply


Good luck with using your Dremel on rocks! I’ve never done it myself, but my understanding is that it’s possible.


By Mike - 13 February 2019 Reply

Dremel can produce very excellent pieces, I use it for all petrified wood. 3 inches and under, I also use it for Ochoa geodes slicing, polishing. I would post pictures but I don’t know how to. Somebody sent me a link I will I have tonight. I did one coat of an old show reel and I did a face of a mini agate small stone I came out perfect with a Dremel bits are expensive as hell. I make my own leather finishing wheels. For us OCD people but there’s other stuff. LOL It’s fine but 90% of the time I’m saying I’m going to buy a cab king.

By Elissa - 14 February 2019 Reply

Mike –

I agree that Dremel brand accessories are more expensive. I got my first set of accessories in a workshop and there’s no brand name on the box – the bits have served me well over the years, so I wouldn’t say that they lack in quality.


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