Bonefolder alternatives and Twitter awesomeness

Every now and then, I just want to give Twitter a hug.

Over the past year, I have come to really love the Twitter bookbinding community. After leaving a full-time office environment for the solitude of my studio, I found camaraderie in my Twitter friends – they became my studio mates. These folks are so generous, so creative, so intelligent – ask them anything and you’ll get a wealth of responses.

Today, while working on handout for a workshop, I asked the Twitter bookbinding community for ideas on bonefolder alternatives. I got so many great suggestions that I just had to share them:

  • @gnewfry: you can use the back of a spoon as a bone folder.
  • @stormfilled: Toothbrush handle!
  • @skynash: lipstick 😛 if its a solid case (love that one)
  • @DingbatPress: a fingernail? or maybe for those nail-biters out there, the butt of an xacto blade. Or sometimes I take the pen part out of a bic ball point pen and it works good for scoring.
  • @hilkekurzke: The back of a (horn) comb could do for folding, a (horn) hair pin for pinching and maybe for scoring.
  • @pinsandpaper: When I taught Elem., we used 6″ plastic rulers since the edges were tapered similar to a bone folder. Only $.25, too.
  • @neustudio: No bonefolder: use a pen with the cap on. or the flat edge of a plastic ruler
  • @evolvingblue: heh. in my experience a soup spoon isn’t bad, but the edges had better be hella dull.
  • @lackriver: hmm i’ve always used the backside of a butterknife

I received all of these responses in around 20 minutes. These folks rock. Seriously.

4 Responses to “Bonefolder alternatives and Twitter awesomeness”

By Pins + Paper - 18 December 2009 Reply

Thank you for including us on your blog! What a great idea to post results from Twitter as it’s open blog post!

By Laura - 20 December 2009 Reply

Wooden popsicle sticks are cheap and worked well with a class of teenagers.

By Tine - 2 January 2010 Reply

Hi, I’m doing Origami and my best bonefolder is a letter opener I got as commercial present. If you are folding really small things, take a toothpick…

By elissa - 6 January 2010 Reply

Tine –

I really like the idea of using a toothpick for teeny areas. Next time I go out to eat, I’m grabbing me some of those!


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