Book Artist Cadette badge

Book Artist Girl Scout Cadette badgeI get obsessed with stuff.

I’m obsessing over a number of things at the moment, one of them being bookbinding scout badges.

It all started with Pod Post’s awesome Bookbinding Merit Badges (sadly, it seems like they’re no longer available). Then came the Boy Scout bookbinding merit badge and the Girl Scout bookbinding badge.

So then I started wondering what other bookbinding badges were out there, especially in other parts of the world.

My searching didn’t take me far, as I discovered that at the Cadette level of the U.S. Girl Scouts, you can earn a Book Artist badge. I immediately had to get one, so I drove to the Girl Scouts store in my area and picked one up. I also purchased a booklet that describes the requirements for earning the badge.

Let me start off by saying that yes, I meet the requirements for the badge. For some reason, that’s important to me.

Book Artist Girl Scout Cadette badge resource booklet

The cover of the booklet has a great quote by Esther K. Smith:

Books are containers. They hold things: pictures, words, information. What will your book contain?

The purpose of the badge is described as follows: When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to make different kinds of books. A Cadette has to complete 5 steps to earn the badge. Each of the steps has three activities from which the Cadette must complete one.

Here are the steps:

  1. Explore the art of bookbinding
  2. Get familiar with the insides of a book
  3. Try out book artist techniques
  4. Focus on function
  5. Focus on style

The 8-page booklet has lots of cool information in it, including details about colophons, the parts of a book, and traditional bookbinding tools. In general, it’s a nifty educational resource. If you’re interested in getting your own copy, it’s included in the Cadette It’s Your Planet Badge Activity Set.

I managed to find bookbinding scout badges from two other countries – New Zealand and Ireland. I’ll write about those later this week.

2 Responses to “Book Artist Cadette badge”

By Marguerite - 2 May 2012 Reply

So much fun! I went all the way through girl scouts, but never did that one…
By the way, your site has all sorts of huge banners saying it’s mobile optimized, but it’s really not.- clicking on “more” under the snippet for this post led to a 404, and the only way to get the whole post was to go into standard view. (I read via rss feeds, and only come over when I want to comment….. Or see if there are any other comments, like someone wondering if it’s a micro spatula in the badge!)

By Elissa - 10 May 2012 Reply

Marguerite –

Thanks for letting me know about my website’s technical problems. It might be time for a new mobile plugin. Grr…


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