Book Arts Improv Book #3: A Dog’s Diary

I had a really strange spark of inspiration for this week’s Improv book. All I kept hearing was, “I puked puce.” Finally, I realized that it had to be a book about a dog. I could totally see Wiggum puking puce after eating something he wasn’t supposed to eat.

Yep, dog barf moved me.

Here are the themes I was working with this week:

  • A line you’ve heard at the movies way too many times: I want what she’s having
  • A rejected crayon color: Puce
  • What you wanted to be when you grew up: Veterinarian

I proudly introduce A Dog’s Diary:

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “A Dog's Diary”

The bookboard covers were covered with brown lokta paper. The text block was printed in Book Antiqua on Mohawk Superfine paper.

I knew that I would be sewing over leather straps and it didn’t take long for me to decide that one of them would look like a collar. The straps were created with leftover scraps of goat leather from PBI.

Sewn signatures for handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “A Dog's Diary”

The images were created using a linoleum cutter and Speedball Speedy-Carve. I hand-stamped the images using dye-based ink.

Hand-carved rubber stamps

  Rubber stamped grapes

Rubber stamped puddle

Rubber stamped veterinarian symbol

Rubber stamped chocolate bar

Here’s the complete text of the book, along with notes in brackets so you know which image goes where:

Sniff, sniff.

What’s that? [grapes image here]

I want what she’s having.

Got it!

That’s tasty.

I don’t feel so good.

I puked puce. [puddle image here]


Off to the veterinarian. [cross image here]

I feel better now.

Home at last.

What’s that? [chocolate image here]

This book was printed in a limited edition of 5 copies.

I’ll be posting the last of this year’s Improv themes tomorrow, so be sure to come back if you’d like to enter the weekly drawing.

I’m looking forward to the final week!


6 Responses to “Book Arts Improv Book #3: A Dog’s Diary

By dorsey hogg - 25 January 2014 Reply


By Elissa - 26 January 2014 Reply

Dorsey –

Glad you like it!


By Louis J. Cassorla - 25 January 2014 Reply

This is definitely one of my favorites! Brilliant work.

By Elissa - 26 January 2014 Reply

Louis –

I can see why this book would appeal to you, one dog lover to another. 🙂


By Louis J. Cassorla - 26 January 2014 Reply

I also should mention that I really love the photo of the spines in progress. When I saw that, at first I thought that you were doing a wacky sort of flag book with belt tips as the flags. I think that’d be pretty darned cool too.

By Carol - 26 January 2014 Reply

ELISSA, you are inspired! Beautifully crafted and very funny!

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