Kyoto shrine

Holy crap, I’m going to Japan this summer.

Perhaps you’ve taken a look at my Book Arts/Paper Arts in Japan spreadsheet, which to date includes over 70 resources. And I’m sure that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

There’s no way I’m going to see all of those places, as much as I’d like to. The fact remains that I’m taking this trip with my hubby and we need to do some non-paper things too. 

I’m a good wife.

So what’s the plan? Here’s what it’s looking like so far:


  • Tokyu Hands: This is the mother of all craft stores.
  • Kinokuniya: Because for some reason, having nine Japanese bookbinding books isn’t enough.
  • Parco Book Center: Backup plan for if I can’t find enough books at Kinokuniya.
  • Masumi: This place has supplies for the conservation of scrolls. They use fabric-backed cloth for mounting, which I believe is essentially bookcloth. Holy Moses, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn’t blow some serious cash there.
  • Paper Nao: They hand-paint papers here. Awesome.
  • Isetatsu: This place is supposed to have a phenomenal selection of Chiyogami.
  • Kyukyodo: Yep, another paper store.
  • Itoya: Annnndddd…another paper store. But they also have an exhibit – Paper & Technique – The World of Katazome and Handmade Washi.
  • TAKEO: More paper.
  • Misuzudo Bindery: I am dying to see a Japanese bookbinder’s workspace.
  • Kihara: This store sells library supplies and tools.
  • Sekaido: This is supposed to be a phenomenal place to get art supplies.
  • Paper Museum: Exhibitions focusing on the historical and cultural significance of paper.



Am I dragging my husband around a lot? Yes.

Is he going to want to tear out his hair after visiting the umpteenth paper store? Probably.

I’m aware that my list for Tokyo is completely unrealistic considering that we’ll only be there for three days. If I do manage to get to all of those places, I’ll likely end up in an emergency room somewhere.

Is that going to stop me from going washi wild? No way.

7 Responses to “Japlanning”

By jason.lemieux - 8 June 2016 Reply

Awesome. Have a fantastic trip and take a ton of photos please! So. Much.

By Elissa - 8 June 2016 Reply

Jason –

Pictures are definitely happening. And many, many blog posts.


By Amy - 8 June 2016 Reply

I am so excited for you! And for all of us who get to vicariously visit through your blog posts. You are so good to share 🙂 Have a wonderful time!

By Elissa - 19 June 2016 Reply

Amy –

There will be many, many blog posts – trust me. 🙂


By jason.lemieux - 19 June 2016 Reply

Are you back? How is it going???

By Elissa - 21 June 2016 Reply

Jason –

I just got back from Montreal earlier today. I’m having a fun little jet lag/culture shock morning.


By jason.lemieux - 21 June 2016

Baahahaahahah awesome! Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear about it all.

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